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Capital Blues Inc. - Roomfulla Blues - Thursday 

Capital Blues Inc. presents Roomfulla Blues. Live blues and roots music every Thursday evening, starting at 8:30pm, here at Hotel Bristol. Even better there is NO COVER CHARGE, so you can get your weekly dose of blues and roots music, and enjoy a beer with the money you saved by not having to pay a cover charge.

What Capital Blues Inc. is all about

The club’s mission is to promote interest in blues and roots music throughout the Wellington region. The weekly Thursday night gigs feature local bands and artists as well as hosting national and international acts. Paul Ubana Jones, Marg Layton, Darren Watson, Dave Murphy, Wayne Mason and The Warratahs have all played at the club as have Auckland-based Darcy Perry and Gary Harvey. International acts such as Pugsley Buzzard from Australia, Doug MacLeod, and Lightning Red from the States have also graced the stage over the years.

It’s the club’s reputation as a good venue for the blues that has kept it in the forefront of the local scene for so long. “There aren’t many venues where a band can come in and play to such a receptive audience and also have a good sound and light system provided, complete with engineer to help them get the very best sound to the audience”.

We aim to showcase the widest range of blues and roots music in the region. Other clubs focus on one musical style – whether that’s folk, bluegrass or country. We try to cover as wide a range of music as possible. If an artist contacts us we’ll consider almost any format or musical style so long as it fits within the category of ‘blues and roots’ music.

There might be a Chicago-style blues band in this week, followed by a country rock or Western Swing band and then a solo performer with a guitar performing original material. The variety keeps the club interesting.

The Bristol has a policy of not having a door charge so anyone can walk in off the street to hear what’s going on. This works well as most clubs rely on members attending gigs to support the club and artists but, being open to the public, anyone can come in and decide whether they like what they hear or not. Club members come from all walks of life from fulltime professional musicians, to lawyers, civil servants and tradesmen – they mix together with no airs and graces. Music is the common denominator here.


There’s a monthly jam night with a house band and MC and anyone can get up and have a play. There are regulars who turn up to play and then once in a while you’ll get a complete stranger coming in and blowing the place away! During last year’s Arts Festival several members of the UK Ukelele Orchestra appeared (without their ukes!) and were amazing playing the house band’s gear!! It was the least likely thing you’d have expected……” 

If you are keen to play a gig at roomfulla blues please click here and fill out the contact us form on the Capital Blues site.