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Fundraising & Sponsorship

Fundraising Quiz Nights

Holding a quiz is a simple, popular and profitable way for many organisations to raise funds.             They work because they are:                                   - Straightforward to organise.                                 - Require little equipment other than a venue.       - Provide a great opportunity for a social event     - Can be easily scaled up or down to suit all sorts of gathering.                                                            - Can be easily tailored to suit particular groups of people ie seniors, sports teams etc.                     - Can be themed to suit annual celebrations such as Christmas, Halloween etc.

Arranging fun quizzes for your organisation is pretty straightforward. We provide FREE venue hire on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, to host your quiz fundraiser and can help to organise the evening. Most quiz nights generally work best for a larger number of people. Or if you have any ideas for a fundraising evening, we are more than happy to try and accommodate and help make it a successful and enjoyable evening where possible. We can also help to arrange extras like raffles and auctions to increase the funds raised.

Quiz Fundraising


If your have a sports team or organisation that needs sponsorship please talk to us. We have a standard require of three big events to be held on the premises during the year. This can consist of team or club dinners, themed functions, holding a quiz fundraiser or having you end of year function with us. We set up your own account for your team or club can use and so we can track your spend which helps us offer even bigger discounts year upon year.

Contact to our management team to see if this is something we can help with.